About Me

Hey there!

I’m Tridashie or Tri for short, a 21 y/o guy from Indonesia, joined the herd in May 2015 and is loyal to the fandom. I’m known for silly autotune and musical things, but recently started doing animation. I’m an INFJ-T.

I’m a YouTuber and I use Twitter as my only social media. I have a very active private Discord server, you can join through my Patreon or ask me privately only if I consider you as a close friend. I frequently play F1 2012, so if you own the game or have other series of F1 game, ask me privately to add my Steam and race with me! I have inactive accounts: Equestria Amino, DeviantArt, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Facebook and many more. If you found me somewhere, please tweet me, they’re probably a changeling!

The nickname “Tridashie” comes from my real name (Trias) and my favorite pony (Rainbow Dash). My OC is a Rainbow Dash recolor (Yes, I know recolor OCs are hated lol, but I’m still happy with it). Watch her special talent here: [YouTube Link]. My OC reference can be found on DeviantArt including puppet rig for Flash animation and model for SFM animation.

There’s nothing special to talk about my personal real life. I once had a dream to be a pianist, or more unrealistically to be an F1 driver, but I quit chasing them, it just too unrealistic. Now my dreams are: get a plushie of my OC (not yet), attend a Brony convention (going to GalaCon 2017, SEAPonyCon, and BronyCon 2018), and make a living through my YouTube/Patreon (I’m still living with parents).

Thank you for reading my page!

Contact Me

Tweet me on Twitter. I usually don’t accept business inquires.