About Me

Hey there!

I’m Tridashie, Tri for short, Trias is my real name, a 21 y/o M from Indonesia, joined the herd in May 2015 and is loyal to the fandom. I’m known for silly autotune and musical things, but recently started doing animation. I’m an INFJ-T.

I’m a YouTuber and I use Twitter as my only social media. I have a very active private Discord server, you can join through my Patreon or ask me privately only if I consider you as a close friend. I frequently play F1 2012, so if you own the game or have other series of F1 game, ask me privately to add my Steam and race with me! I have inactive accounts: Equestria Amino, DeviantArt, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Facebook and many more. If you found me somewhere, please tweet me, they’re probably a changeling!

The nickname “Tridashie” comes from my real name (Trias) and my favorite pony (Rainbow Dash). My OC used to be a Rainbow Dash recolor but now it’s not, thanks to Ms. Birdie for designing my new ponysona! [Link to my ponysona reference]

There’s nothing special to talk about my personal real life. I once had a dream to be a pianist, or more unrealistically to be an F1 driver, but I quit chasing them, it just too unrealistic. Becoming a Brony and meet my friends overseas are enough to fulfill my life.

Contact Me

Tweet me on Twitter. I don’t accept business inquires.